The overall goal of NBioC is to develop an infrastructure supporting research in Norway for development of new resources and new products as part of the bioeconomy. 

 In addition, NBioC will focus on the following goals to guide its activities:

  • To enable the use of a broad range of sustainable feedstocks including gasses by developing new fermentation processes, process  optimisation, and  scale up through modelling from laboratory to pilot and industrial scale,
  • To produce biomass, food/feed ingredients, chemicals and enzymes    through gas and traditional fermentation, 
  • To become a centre of expertise in fermentation-based processes and industrial biotechnology  to ensure the further development of core research and competence and support    research from TRL2 to TRL6 and fast track to innovation

​The diagram below illustrates the various aspects of the Centre from:
  • upstream and downstream processing​
  • scaling up
  • modelling
  • education and knowledge sharing.

nbioc concept revised

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